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Sogou promotion
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Sogou promotion

Product introduction

Three advantages

Promotion costs

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Sogou bidding service-Internet marketing is so simple!
Best Search Marketing Services for SMEs
Sogou is a search engine owned by Sohu, with daily searches of more than 245 million people, covering more than 95% of Chinese Internet users; charge-by-click, mature business user groups become a guarantee of promotion effect!
Competition is transparent and cost-effective!
The promotion starting price is only 0.3 yuan, and all competitors' bids can be easily checked! Never rely on complicated procedures and unfair rules, and truly pay for results!
To provide you with the best quality one-stop service for online marketing
Help you create a high-quality website, set your own domain name, and enjoy VIP VIP business emails; provide free interactive communication tools to efficiently track and convert real customers; provide you with one-to-one consultant-level services to comprehensively solve your search marketing problems Various problems.
What is Sogou bidding service

Sogou bidding service is a pay-per-use online promotion method. Through keyword context analysis technology, free company promotion information appears on Sogou and Sohu matrices. When netizens find product information or related services, the company only needs to provide users with Effective click-to-pay is suitable for increasing corporate awareness and business development.

Where promotion information appears
Your promotional information will appear on: Sogou Search, Sohu Search, Sohu Channel Pages, Sohu, Sogou Email, and Sogou Cooperative Media. One input, multi-platform display, and more potential customers. Effective promotion is as simple as that.
About Sogou

Sogou is a search engine owned by Sohu. It is the world's first search engine with Chinese web pages to reach 10 billion. At present, more than 245 million Internet users use Sogou to search daily, covering more than 95% of Chinese Internet users. It is worth your trust!

The best search marketing service for SMEs-full network coverage, sweeping your customers all at once!

Big brand, trustworthy
Sogou is Sohu's search engine and the world's first third-generation interactive Chinese search engine. At present, there are more than 245 million Internet users who use Sogou for searches every day, which is worth your trust!
Wide coverage: Sogou Search covers more than 95% of Chinese Internet users!
· Sohu, China's largest portal.
· Sogou Search-the third search engine.
· Sogou input method ---- the choice of global netizens, the most popular input method currently.
· Sogou browser ---- the fastest browser on the Internet, most loved by netizens.
Free display, pay per click
Promotional content is displayed free of charge, and you only pay for valid potential customers who have clicked on the promotion link and entered your business website. Effectively save your marketing budget.
Sogou search has higher commercial value and has the most mature user group
China Internet Network Information Center CNNIC's "2009 Chinese Search Engine User Behavior Research Report" shows that Sogou users pay the most attention to commercial advertisements. This shows that Sogou's users are more concerned about effective business information, which is a more mature and commercial user group.
Competition is transparent and cost-effective!

Starting price is only 3 cents
The promotion starting price is only 3 cents, and customers will not need to pay extra costs because they are not familiar with the Internet and are not professional.
Open and transparent price competition
You can check your competitors' bids on keywords at any time to ensure the minimum investment for maximum results. Sogou never relies on complicated procedures and unfair rules for charging, and truly pays for results.
To provide you with the best quality one-stop service for online marketing

Open red gift package
Help you create high-quality websites, set domain names independently, and enjoy VIP distinguished corporate email addresses.
The most professional customer service team is here to serve you!
Don't worry about the complexity of search marketing, you will get Sogou search marketing one-to-one consultant-level service to comprehensively solve your various problems in search marketing.
· 24/7 search promotion call center-consultation, account opening acceptance, complaint acceptance, to help you solve any problems in the promotion.
· Follow-up tracking service-help you develop a promotion plan, track promotion results, analyze data reports, adjust and optimize advertising results until you are satisfied.
· Prompt monitoring and response service-7 x 12H professional and considerate service from local authorized agents.
Provide free interactive communication tools to efficiently track and convert real customers.
· Sogou 800 toll-free number-Free communication tools for customers to shorten the distance between enterprises and customers!
· Sogou message board-communicate anytime, anywhere, online and offline, easily grasp potential business opportunities!

The initial investment fee includes: auction advance payment + professional service fee
The re-investment is the renewal amount: each time it must be no less than RMB 500 yuan, and the overpayment is unlimited.
The bidding ranking service is charged per click: starting from RMB 0.30 per click, RMB 0.01 is a bid unit.
Advance payment instructions: Please contact 0315-2825575 for advance payment of initial investment
Professional service fee: RMB 600 / year
Professional service fee description: Sogou bidding agents provide customers with various professional services, including:
  1. Diagnose existing website conditions for customers
  2. Provide search ad serving strategies
  3. Provide web search training
  4. Exchange promotion experience
Open an account:
  1. Assist customers to register and open an account at Sogou
  2. Promote various promotional activities of Sogou
Management services:
  1. Assist clients in advertising and management
  2. Deal with various problems encountered by customers in advertising
  3. Advertising optimization based on customer advertising performance
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