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Website building
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Website building
The most professional website planning team and professional art designer in North China. Rich production experience and super creative level, you can design a more commercialized and internationalized website according to your company's industry type and product characteristics. Improve web page production staff, rigorous application developer, perfect after-sales service staff. Based on your actual needs, we provide you with a set of high-quality services such as website planning, main style planning, layout design, style creativity, domain name registration, website server space, website post-maintenance, and website promotion.

· 1 English international top-level domain
· 100M static economic virtual host
· Fine Standard Home
· Exquisite Banner Banner Advertising
· Design creative website framework template (1)
· Background database programming
5 beautiful inner pages

Functional Website Creation Package Standard type

· 1 English international top-level domain
200M standard virtual host
· 100M corporate mailbox with 5 users
· Fine image flash guide page
· Fine image homepage
· Professional website creative planning
· Exquisite Banner Banner Advertising

Large website construction plan Luxury
· 1 English top-level international domain (including 1-year annual fee)
400M professional virtual host
· 150M corporate mailbox with 10 users
· Fine interactive FLASH animation guide page
· Fine image homepage
· Banner banner design
· Design a creative website frame template based on the company's operating projects and its industry characteristics
Website construction process
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