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Sogou bid ranking
Sogou Gold List is a network promotion method that charges specific fixed fees according to different locations and lengths of time. It appears on the homepage of Sohu and Sogou ’s search results, bringing more business opportunities for companies!
Sogou Gold List is a big hit, rich advertising forms, high cost performance, will bring customers a new and exciting experience!

Matrix support, extensive coverage
Sogou is supported by the Sohu portal matrix, displaying corporate promotion information through various channels such as Sogou search engine, Sohu's major channel pages, Sohu mailbox, Sogou mailbox;
Targeted delivery, targeted
Through the context analysis technology, the company information is displayed on the most appropriate page and targeted to potential customers. Can also be delivered by region
Free display, pay per click
Any company information is displayed on the promotion platform for free, and only starts when the customer clicks
Self-control, high cost performance
Enterprises can independently control the promotion content and capital investment according to their own needs, and enjoy the lowest starting price and quality service provided by Sogou

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