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Hebei Baidu Optimization
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the English abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which means that by using reasonable means that are easy to index by search engines, the basic elements of the website are adapted to the search principles of the search engine and are more user-friendly (Search Engine Friendly). Easy to be indexed and prioritized by search engines.
SEO in Chinese means search engine optimization. Popular understanding is: by summarizing the ranking rules of search engines, rationally optimize the website, improve your website's ranking in Baidu and Google, and let search engines bring you customers. The deep understanding is: through a set of search engine-based marketing ideas such as SEO, to provide an ecological self-marketing solution for the website, so that the website occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand benefits.

Multi-site recording
Feel free to search for a keyword in your industry, look at search engines such as GOOGLE, SINA, QQ, YAHOO, etc. Your opponent's ranking should be very good, I think you should really like to have their ranking or traffic. Quite simply, the biggest benefit of SEO is that it is not included in only one search engine!
Once and for all
You should feel this way. If you are doing services such as bidding or fixed ranking and annual subscription, if the advertisement is paused, the effect will disappear with the pause of the advertisement. SEO search engine optimization is different. If we optimize your site, even if you do n’t renew it in the next year, the ranking of the website will be stable for a long time, unless you suspend cooperation with us, it happens that your competitors also If you start to optimize and invest more energy and costs than you, then your ranking may decline.
Improve corporate image
File downloading and page display are faster; websites do not appear garbled or distorted. So far, 85% of Chinese websites do not meet international standards. This will make the website appear garbled or distorted when viewed in different browsers. Foreign trade companies should pay more attention!
save costs
Advertising investment costs: As a simple example, a company needs to recruit employees and there are three employees who come to interview. A: Proficient in market research of enterprises; Expected salary of 2,000 yuan; B: Proficient in sales; Expected salary of 2,000 yuan; C: Proficient in corporate management, expected salary of 3500 yuan; D Knows market research and sales well, and also proficient in corporate management, expected salary of 4000 Yuan. It happens that this company needs a market researcher, a salesperson, and a manager assistant. At this time, please help it choose! In fact, we do network promotion and this company recruiters are the same reason, we need a cost-effective The higher service is the SEO optimization service.
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