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Yahoo Search Bid
New type of highly targeted marketing
· Every day thousands of potential customers to find your product in the search engines, but you do not know where they are;
· Yahoo search auction, between "search request" and "your website" bridge, make your site relevant search results pages displayed directly in;
The most cost-effective trading
· You decide how much to pay for each potential customer-the higher the unit price you set for each click, your site appears on the search results page
The greater the chance the forefront, the more compelling;
· Every investment brings immediate results-you pay only when your link is clicked; the display without clicks is free;
· High cost performance: The minimum cost of one click is 0.30 yuan, and 300 yuan may bring 1000 customers who are highly interested in you!
Flexible cost control: You can plan what you want to pay.
The most authoritative and professional search auction operators
Huge traffic brings you huge business opportunities-make your website appear in China's leading search engines such as Yahoo, Chinese Internet, Taobao, Alibaba, etc., covering 90% of Chinese Internet users, with daily search volume exceeding 100 million times;
· Yahoo is the founder of search bidding, and has already occupied 60% of the global market share by early 2004.
Your product will be presented simultaneously in Yahoo China, Chinese Internet, Alibaba, Taobao prominent position.

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