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Under the guidance of precise management thinking, Huier C6 takes “6C” as its core element, integrates the enterprise's customer management, project management, knowledge management, performance management and other business needs into six major working platforms to solve the information island and application island of the enterprise And resource island problems to assist enterprises to achieve three-dimensional and comprehensive collaborative management. The C6 system with simple operation, powerful functions and stable performance has the perfect display of customization and happy work.

Document processing
The document processing module can meet the operations of registration, planning, approval, review, distribution, circulation, filing, and inquiry during the office process; drafting, circulation, approval, issuance, redemption, filing, and printing of documents; also support Various enterprise internal request processing functions, and provide process monitoring, tracking, urging and inquiry; support paging and SMS notification of the approval process; support for documents in various formats such as word, excel, wps, and keep traces of modifications; support for electronic seals and leadership Handwritten annotations; support handwritten opinion printing of draft papers and review forms; and provide electronic document exchange and transmission interfaces.

File management
The archives management module complies with national archives law, test papers standards, catalogue specifications and other standards. After the approval, the official documents can be archived to the designated archives room. Archive management supports archives administrators to carry out unified management of archived files, and generates archive directories, file directories, and in-volume directories to facilitate other users to retrieve, borrow, and import and export archives.

Process form
The process form module provides a wizard-based, templated form design process and a graphical drag-and-drop process design tool, which is convenient for enterprises to quickly expand new business functions and modules to adapt to the flexibility of the business.

Information exchange
The information exchange module provides a variety of information exchange tools such as network paging (instant messaging), internal forums, emails, web blogs, online surveys, etc., and provides a smooth information exchange platform to meet the needs of different customers on different occasions. You can also quickly query historical communication records through this platform.

Information Release
The information release module supports enterprises to customize the information they need to release, such as news, notifications, etc., by combining with the portal and pushing them to relevant employees for review; through effective integration with the "internal forum", each employee can Hot news is discussed directly, which increases the initiative of employees to participate in discussions of corporate affairs, and can quickly collect feedback, and reasonable use can shape a good corporate culture.

Personal affairs
The personal affairs module is convenient for employees to manage personal related affairs and work from multiple dimensions, and organize their various affairs in an orderly manner, which greatly improves personal office efficiency. Functions include work diary, work plan, task management, schedule, address book, notes, etc.

System Management
The system management provides a large number of easy-to-use and powerful management tools. The system provides a variety of templates for administrators to choose according to the needs of the enterprise. It satisfies the requirements of flexible settings, simple operation, and ease of use of system management, which reduces the system administrator's requirements. Workload.

Knowledge management
The knowledge management module helps companies build a platform for the effective accumulation, sharing, utilization, innovation and management of knowledge, to avoid the tacit knowledge that cannot be inherited and shared, and the knowledge of experience requires an inefficient way of person-to-person help and employee turnover Common problems such as leading to the loss of knowledge and uncontrollable knowledge, the relative lack of knowledge explosion and effective knowledge, and the lack of enthusiasm for knowledge sharing among employees, tightly integrate people, processes, and knowledge to enable organizational knowledge to grow regardless of growth and create value.

The administrative management module helps enterprise administrators to effectively manage various administrative resources, including daily supplies registration and receipt management, asset life cycle management, vehicle use process tracking management, conference application and conference room management, journal book storage and borrowing / return Management of processes.

Project management
The project management module achieves complete control of the project through management of manpower, schedule, resources, etc., and realizes precise project process management control. The project management module not only focuses on real-time monitoring and post-mortem analysis of the project, but also focuses on knowledge accumulation, communication process management, and personnel management in the project process. From the macro and micro levels, it helps managers analyze the status of project progress and the status of various resources, timely discover the main factors affecting the progress of the project and make adjustments to the project to maintain the good operation of the project.

Human Resources
The human resources module realizes simple management of corporate human resources, including employment application and recruitment, employee labor contract management, employee file management, daily attendance, 360-degree / matrix evaluation, employee travel reimbursement / daily reimbursement, compensation and benefits management, and employee training. And other aspects of human resource management.

customer relations
The customer relationship module is customer-centric, with tasks (sales tracking tasks, customer service tasks, and customer return visit tasks) as targets, and collaborative technology as a means to rationally arrange the sales staff's work and supervise and analyze the employee's work behavior 2. Analysis and grasp of customer tracking, effectively improve the efficiency of sales staff, achieve the optimal allocation of corporate customer resources, and effectively increase customer application value while creating maximum value and profit for the enterprise.

Comprehensive analysis
The comprehensive analysis module provides multiple comprehensive analysis reports: employee behavior analysis tables, sales performance analysis tables, and human cost analysis analysis tables to help the senior leaders of the enterprise understand the operation and management status of the enterprise from an integrated level, and quickly and timely pass the enterprise to the senior leaders of the enterprise Operation and management status to improve the ability of enterprises to respond quickly to decision-making.

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