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Domain price inquiry
Domain type suffix Domain description Example service fee
International English Domain Name .COM Generally used for commercial institutions or companies RMB 200 / year
.NET Generally used by institutions or companies engaged in Internet-related network services RMB 200 / year
.ORG Generally used for non-profit organizations and groups RMB 150 / year
.BIZ New international top-level domain, abbreviation for "business" RMB 480 yuan / 2 years
.CC business company RMB 500 / year
.TV TV domain name will be the mainstream domain name in the broadband era RMB 500 / year
.ASIA Asian regional domain name, first 2 years, renewable for 10 years RMB 320 yuan / 2 years
.INFO Represents the use of general information services, the biggest feature is universal RMB 240 / year
.mobi .mobi is an exclusive domain name approved by ICANN for mobile phones and mobile devices. RMB 180 / year
Domestic English Domain Name .GOV.CN Chinese government RMB 120 / year
.COM.CN Chinese company RMB 120 / year
.NET.CN China Network RMB 120 / year
.ORG.CN Chinese organization RMB 120 / year
.CN China RMB 120 / year
Chinese international domain name .COM Generally used for commercial institutions or companies www. .com Wang Zhong RMB 280 / year
.NET Generally used for institutions or companies engaged in Internet-related network services www. .net Wang Zhong RMB 280 / year
.BIZ The new international top-level domain, "business" (Business) Abbreviation www. Wang Zhong .biz RMB 280 / year
.CC. business company RMB 500 / year

Domestic Chinese Domain Name

.China www.Hongzhong.China RMB 320 / year
.the company www.Hongzhong.Company RMB 320 / year
.The internet www.Hongzhong.Network RMB 320 / year
Universal URL Platinum common words Most popular search terms such as mobile phones, computers, etc. generator RMB 10,000 / year
Common words The inverter motor rotation link etc. mining machine RMB 5000 / year
Quasi-common words Place name + platinum common words, such as Beijing mobile phone, Shanghai computer, etc. Chinese cell phone RMB 2500 / year
Ordinary General Website GM Web site in addition to common word Tangshan Iron and Steel RMB 500 / year

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